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Documentation Checklist

Below is a list of the documentation that you will need to provide for most standard loan programs:

New Home Purchase:

Most recent pay stubs for last 30 days

W2's, 2002 & 2001

Three months bank statements showing down payment

12 Month current housing history

Signed Sales Agreement

Verification of Deposit Given the Realtor or Seller

Other asset statements showing reserves

Home owners Insurance (prior to closing)

                             Gift Letter - if applicable

**Other documentation may be needed depending on your particular

                                loan program and scenario.


Refinance Mortgage

Most recent pay stubs for last 30 days
W2's 2002, 2001

Three months bank statements showing reserves

Current Mortgage Statement

Mortgage History (usually on credit report)

Home Owner Insurance


If you are having any trouble collecting the documentation, please call your processor right away to discuss alternatives.

Having these items on hand will help speed up the application and approval process.


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